Emerald Code

Emerald Code follows Simone and her friends as they explore creativity and solve teenage problems through science, technology, and coding.

Inspiring her friends to do the same, Simone and her pals soon realize that they have tons of ideas and inventions that can make their lives easier, more connected, and more fun. They navigate the complicated and confusing world of high school by learning new skills and exchanging ideas in order to create unique and useful tools. Soon, Simone and friends are solving problems, coming up with wild schemes, and most importantly, cracking the code to living an awesome high school life!

In season two, when Simone discovers she’s the only one of her friends with no plans for the summer, she’s more than a little flummoxed. But when she discovers there’s an opportunity to be a Counsellor-In-Training at a Space Camp, just like her inspiration STEMily, suddenly she’s got drive and a purpose. She’ll have to show off her STEM skills to prove she’s worthy of admission – but once she’s there, she’ll have her mind blown by serious space adventures – and meet other kids who are just as into Space, science, and tech as she is!

Companion documentary series Emerald Code: Decoded showcases real-life STEM star students.

20 episodes x three-minute STEM web series
10 episodes x three-minute docu-series

Years of Production
2017 - 2018

Where to Watch
Website: emeraldcode.ca
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCPPkbNczG3gdWTEXsI_YBnQ

Where to Watch
Website: emeraldcode.ca
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCPPkbNczG3gdWTEXsI_YBnQ

Social Media
Facebook: facebook.com/EmeraldCodeShow
Twitter: @emeraldcodeshow
Instagram: @emeraldcodeshow


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